We are changing the landscape of STEM education.

In an increasingly digital world, we believe all youth should have the opportunity to develop skills in technology. At Mathstronauts, we provide innovative programs for young people to explore technology and gain 21st century skills for success.

#Values What We Believe In


Wherever you are in Canada, we believe that all students should have access to high-quality STEM Education.


We believe that all students deserve a fair chance at success in their education, and we are here to support you in your goals.


All of our instructors are real mentors who are well-trained and highly qualified to teach their students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Digital Literacy

The world is changing. It is our mission and responsibility to train the next generation of scientists and engineers so that they are ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

#Team A leadership team with vision

Our executives lead by example and guide us to accomplish great things every day. Online learning offers a new way to explore.

Board of Advisors

Gay Yuyitung

McMaster Industry Liaison Office

Cesare DiDonato

Industry Education Council of Hamilton

Board of Advisors

Board of Advisors

Curriculum Development Team

Nancy Du

Robert Podrebarac

Rifat Ozen

Sahil Handa

Chris George


Hannah Guo

Nancy Du

Sahil Handa


Sameer Marok


Chapter Leads

Chapter Leads

Other folks from McMaster Club

Leadership and Executive Team

Richard Hamilton


Sehrish Zehra

Executive Director

Nancy Du

Executive Team Leader

Shama Pirbay

Marketing Coordinator