Integrate hands-on STEM & coding into your classroom.

Let your students explore coding, 3D modeling, and graphic design by completing exciting hands-on, space-related projects in the STEAM Engine Program.

Why STEAM Engine Program?

Meet Curriculum Goals

Our curriculum aligns with the Ontario Grades 5 - 8 math curriculum to integrate grade-appropriate coding education directly in the classroom.

Develop Students' STEM Skills

We enable your students to learn coding while exploring topics in Earth and space sciences, and foster creativity, team work and critical thinking.

Develop Professional Skills

Stay up-to-date with the digital technology skills and teaching materials you need to excel in today's ever-changing classroom environment.

Eligible for School Board Funds

Apply for experiential learning funding via your school board to cover costs associated with programs, making it entirely free for you and your students!

Important Dates

Winter 2024 Registration
Registration open:

January 22, 2024

Registration deadline:

February 16, 2024

Program Start:

Flexible (after Family Day long weekend)

Program End:

Flexible (no sessions during march break, March 11 - 15, 2024)

How It works

What Students Learn


Fundamental concepts such as variables, conditional statements & loops using block-based coding in Scratch.

Science & Math

Earth and space science concepts (e.g., habitable zones, space travel) and math concepts (e.g., geometry, coordinate systems).

Combining these new skills, students will create either of this engaging projects:

  • In Intro to Coding – Space with Scratch, they will create animations about Mars and challenges of living on the Red Planet, while applying science, math and coding throughout. 

  • In Intro to Coding – Automotive with Scratch, they will create projects about autonomous vehicles, exploring exciting concepts like vehicle steering control and obstacle detection.

Workshops are taught by trained expert STEM facilitators who complete a mandatory Police Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening.

What Teachers Say

Sometimes instead of asking to do some other math activity, I do have students asking, 'Can we go back on Scratch? Can we do some coding?' That’s a first that that’s happened: There’s enough interest, subsequent to the program, that students are thinking that this is not only an important way of learning but a fun way. And that’s very rewarding.
Nicolette DiFrancesco, OCT
Grade 7 Teacher, Pauline Johnson Elementary School, HWDSB
"This was a great opportunity for students already familiar with coding to get an extended experience beyond what I would be able to do. All of the kids had so much fun and were exposed to lots of great knowledge."

Laura Mamone, OCT
Grade 5/6 Teacher, Queen Victoria Elementary School, HWDSB
"I think providing them with an instructor that is knowledgeable and passionate about coding made the program a success. The students who were already very confident with coding were provided with extensions to their learning, and those who struggled were provided with very clear and easy to follow instructions."

Bethany Walker, OCT
Grade 5/6 Teacher, Dr. Davey Elementary School, HWDSB

What Students Say

My favorite thing [in the project] is to learn talking as a character. I could make cool voices and made me sound like a robot! This program is interesting and helps me prepare for high school. It makes me want to keep trying to do and play around with codes. It also makes me want to learn more about math and science, and I feel like I could be better.
Mohammed Dayan
Grade 7, Lake Avenue Elementary School, HWDSB
The program inspires me to try different things. What I like most is how we are creating a game. I find it very interesting and fun because it is kind of difficult, but you get to learn, and they tell you how to do it. It's easier to learn and it's actually really fun once you've learned how to do it. Coding can help you understand different things, not only in coding but also in life.
Grade 7, Pauline Johnson Elementary School, HWDSB
My favorite thing to learn in the program is making new video games and creating new variables, and one of my goals for coding is to try and make more complex games. My instructor is really good, she teaches and says it clearly and whenever somebody's behind she makes sure that they're caught up before she moves on.
Adam McDonald
Grade 6, Prince of Wales Elementary School, HWDSB

Take a Peek Into the STEAM Engine Program

We work closely with teachers to create an unforgettable learning experience for our students. All workshops are hands-on and incorporate use of engaging instructional and assessment strategies that bring learning to life.

Check out our STEAM Engine Program video!

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