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Empower the next generation of innovators

Mathstronauts is calling for judges, mentors, and volunteers to be part of STEM Hacks 2023, a hackathon-style event that will inspire the innovators of tomorrow.

At STEM Hacks 2023, grades 9 – 11 students from the Durham region will perform, compete and excel in a hackathon-style environment. The core focus of the competition will be to apply computer programming knowledge and skills to complete an autonomous vehicle challenge.

With 150 – 200 expected participants, we are looking for passionate individuals from industry, academia, and universities (undergraduate and graduate students) to join us as Judges, Mentors, or Volunteers.

Whether you’re an industry expert or simply passionate about technology and engineering, this is your chance to get involved and make a difference with your skills and knowledge. 

Date & Time

Saturday December 2, 2023 from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Ontario Tech University, Oshawa


Automotive and Mobility Sector

Become a Judge and Recognize Future Talent in STEM

20 opportunities available

As a Judge, you will evaluate student teams and their projects to determine the most ingenious solutions. 


  • 3 to 4 hour commitment.
  • Knowledge of computer programming in Python.
  • Knowledge of machine learning algorithms and their implementation in Python.
  • Knowledge of autonomous vehicles.
  • Previous experience as a judge in a hackathon-style event is helpful, but not required.

Join as a Mentor to Support Student Learning

30 opportunities available

Provide guidance to young innovators and foster a supportive environment as a mentor at STEM Hacks 2023. Your impact will go beyond the event—it can steer the trajectory of their entire future STEM journey. Share your passion, expand your professional networks, and leave a lasting impact on the participants.


  • 8-hour commitment.
  • Knowledge of computer programming in Python.
  • Knowledge of machine learning algorithms and their implementation in Python.
  • Knowledge of autonomous vehicles (beginner to intermediate level knowledge is sufficient to serve as a mentor).
  • Previous experience working with secondary school age students

Join as a Volunteer and Help Bring STEM Hacks 2023 to Life

40 opportunities available

Dedicated volunteers are the life-giving force behind our STEM Hacks competitions. Volunteers help to ensure the event’s seamless operation from handling set-up and registration to coordinating event logistics and providing IT support. As a volunteer, you will bring your enthusiasm, energy, and organizational skills to the forefront to execute a successful and unforgettable experience for participants. Volunteer hours and reference letters are available upon request. Various volunteer roles are provided below:


  • 8-hour commitment.
  • Must be over 16 years old.
  • Previous experience with organizing and/or executing similar events for youth.

Our STEM Hacks Reach

Inspiring moments from STEM Hacks 2020

Watch how participants from our last competition harnessed their STEM skills and worked as teams to apply aerodynamics solutions and learned how to program a home security system.

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