Unlock your child's potential with a strong STEM foundation

By investing in your child’s STEM education, you are opening up a world of possibilities for them. Our programs are designed to to provide fun and engaging hands-on learning that encourages them to develop their interests and skills in STEM.

We empower youth to excel in STEM

In the fast-paced world of the 21st century, STEM and digital technology skills are essential for your child’s success.

Develop STEM and digital technology skills

Equip your child with in-demand skills like coding and pique their interests in various STEM topics and fields.

Enhance their soft skills

STEM projects encourage your child to think creatively, problem solve, and innovate.

Improve academic performance

Joining STEM programs can help students’ understanding in math and science subjects

Prepares for future job opportunities

With the increasing importance of technology and innovation in our world, STEM knowledge and skills are in high demand.

Important Dates

Fall Registration 2023
Registration open:

September 5, 2023

Registration deadline:

October 13, 2023

Program Start:

Week of October 16

Program End:

Week of December 18, 2023

Our Weekly Online Programs

STEAM Engine Program — Exploring Coding and Design Tools

For grades 5-8. In this program, students embarks on an exciting journey into STEAM concepts with a focus on digital literacy skills such as computer programming (coding), 3D modeling and graphic design to complete exciting hands-on projects in a fun and engaging environment.

IGNITE Program — Coding and Design Fundamentals

For grades 9-12. This is the perfect place to start on a journey into STEM topics and skills as a high school student! In this weekly online course, learners will explore and apply concepts in 3D modelling, learn graphic design principles in Canva, and code from scratch in the Python programming language.

Sponsored Programs

This program is funded by the Hamilton Community Foundation and General Motors Canada at various schools across Hamilton, where eligible students can join the program free of charge.

Check your child’s eligibility by clicking on the Check Eligibility button below.

#Testimonials What Students Say

I liked having exposure to a lot of programs that I had never used before. For instance, I had never used FreeCAD and now I'm using it for projects and in school.

Daniel Soos Previous Participant

This experience was definitely something I will not forget. It was an opportunity to expand on my prior knowledge of coding. This course was very valuable and informative and I liked how involved all the teachers were and how willing they were when helping us learn! o

Elio Genovese Ignite Game Dev Participant

I participated in this course because I aspire to be a software developer. This experience is definitely worth it because I would like to create more games with the knowledge I learned throughout this course.

Justin Shamaica Segundo Ignite Game Dev Participant

I learned how to make things with a 3D creator, which I think is really cool because I never knew how to do that before.

Sophie STEM Hacks Participant

This program provided me with lots of knowledge in the 3D modeling field and the coding field. The sessions were efficiently assembled and presented. Plus, they were extraordinary interesting and straightforward. I would very much love to take another astounding program by mathstronauts!

Enoch Wilson STEAM Engine Participant

My experience with GameDev was amazing! I had a blast. From the instructors, to TAs, to students, everyone was really nice. And learning how to code was really fun!!! I love how the TAs and instructors were there for us when we needed help, and they were very helpful.

Amaan Umair Ignite Game Dev Participant

I liked how interactive and hands-on the program was. The classes were not only focused on learning the content but also getting in practice and personal experience. I would recommend anyone who’s interested in a gateway into Python coding and machine learning to take this course.

Ray Hang Nexus Engineering Participant

I learned about various topics of science including biology, physics, and chemistry. I also learned many soft skills that will help me in high school and post-secondary education. I would recommend this program to anyone because it is a good learning experience!

Zion Jonathan Nexus Science Participant

I learned how to create 3D designs in TinkerCad, backgrounds in Canva and coding a mars animation in scratch (my favourite part!). Everything was awesome and I had a great experience! I used different “stack blocks” to create my mars animation and used different backgrounds and sprites.

Danya Qureshi STEAM Engine Participant

Everything about the program appealed to me. This curriculum drew me in since I wanted to learn python and the basics, which would benefit me in the future because coding is such an important aspect of today’s world. I felt very excited to be a part of this program as it was interesting and challenging.

Sai Santhosh Anumalasetty STEAM Engine Participant

I learned a lot in this program, I’ve made a cool Shopping App, a fun quiz game, and even a 3D model of a satellite I got to design! I loved that it was a relaxed environment that made sure we could keep up and understand what we were doing with no pressure and just have fun learning.

Julia Jakob IGNITE Tech Explore Participant

This course helped me learn an area of STEM that I haven’t learned before. It wasn’t just the aspect of learning that I enjoyed, but the team put their effort to make it fun for students like me, and if you have fun while learning, then I would consider that mission accomplished.

Elizabeth Mathi STEAM Engine Participant

Because of NEXUS, I have developed a real interest in coding.

Alex Palmer NEXUS Engineering Stream

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