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As a growing organization, we are always looking to have like minded driven individuals join our team! Check out our current and upcoming volunteer and employment opportunities listed below. Want to partner with us? Send us a request.

Become a Volunteer

Join the people who make STEM happen. Bring your own set of expertise whether that may be planning, public speaking, or executing events!

Become a Partner

We are grateful to have support from our incredible community. If you’d like to partner with us on a project or event, please get in touch!

#Join Why Join Our Team?

Technical skills

Develop your technical skills (project development, marketing).

Strong reference letter

Receive guaranteed strong reference letter for future opportunities and/or professional school applications.

Guaranteed Verifier

Receive guaranteed verifier for medical, dental and other professional school applications.

Community Service Hours

Receive community service hours for high school completion

Future Employment

Be in the first pick for future employment opportunities at Mathstronauts!

Resume, Interpersonal and Readiness skills

Build your resume and interpersonal/work-force readiness skills.