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NEXUS Program

Grades 11-12

About the NEXUS Program

The NEXUS Program is designed for passionate post-secondary bound high school students. Through NEXUS, we're bridging the gap between high school and post-secondary education (PSE), whether you are planning on going into college, university, apprenticeship programs or other post-secondary pathways - there's a place for you at NEXUS. The NEXUS Program is an opportunity for students to acquire the technical and soft skills necessary to succeed in life after high school!

In this program, participants can either take the Engineering Stream course or the Science Stream course. In the Engineering Stream, participants will learn the fundamentals of computer programming and work on a central project involving machine learning, a popular technique applied in artificial intelligence. In the Science Stream, participants will learn theoretical knowledge and concepts in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and apply them in the context of superheroes through an inquiry-based approach.

In addition to technical knowledge in Engineering or Science, the NEXUS Program provides participants with learning opportunities to develop essential soft skills that have been identified as the most important in ensuring success in post-secondary pathways: time management, problem solving, self-directed learning and note taking.

  • REGISTRATION DEADLINE: October 17, 2021 (updated)
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    This program contains two courses: Engineering Stream (Machine Learning), and Science Stream (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Click on each course below to learn more and register!
  • Engineering Stream
    Grades 11-12
    12 Weeks
    Science Stream
    Grades 11-12
    12 Weeks
What Others Say

This program essentially gave me a “wake up” call that if I want to make the transition from high school to university less stressful, I have to start preparing now. I learned how to take notes that are both useful and help me retain the knowledge I learned, and this skill will be crucial in University courses. I also learned how to better organize my tasks and prioritize based on deadlines, grade value and length of completion.

- Hibah Shaikh, NEXUS Participant (Fall 2020)

One thing that I learned that was most valuable was hearing the raw, authentic experience of the instructors when they experienced post-secondary education. There are not many opportunities that present themselves where someone that has gone through something shares what they have learned and what they wished they knew with you, and I found that to be very helpful.

- Jen Tat, NEXUS Participant (Fall 2020)

I really enjoyed this program...I feel like the program is a great crash course to train secondary students for post secondary. They have the opportunity to acquire valuable soft skills that are essential to succeed in university such as prioritization, effective note taking and self directed learning. In addition, the coding aspect of the program can allow young programmers to be fluent in another language or enrich their current experience. In essence, the program was really fun and useful for me!

- Ashwin Unnithan, NEXUS Participant (Fall 2020)


Who can sign up for a NEXUS Program course?
Anyone in grades 11 and 12 can sign up for NEXUS.

When does it take place?
Weekday evenings - click on each course above to find out when they take place!

How do I know which stream to join?
Participants can take both streams (there are no overlaps in the content).

For participants looking to gain technical knowledge and skills in computer programming and have an interest in pursuing an engineering or software related field, we recommend the Engineering Stream.

For participants looking to sharpen up on their conceptual scientific knowledge and wish to pursue careers related in the science fields of biology, chemistry or physics, we recommend the Science Stream.

How do I sign up?
Click on the course of your choice above and then click Register. Complete the Registration process. You will receive a confirmation email once your registration is complete!

What happens after I register?
You will receive an invitation to join the Google Classroom at the email address you provided. Open the email and click join! Inside the classroom you will find the weekly link to the sessions and the weekly schedule. More content will appear over time!

Is there a fee to register?
The cost of participating is $200.00 CAD for 12 weeks.

Where do the sessions take place?
Sessions take place on a platform called BlueJeans. All you have to do is download the program once (for free) and use the same link to join the session each week!

I’ve got questions, what do I do?
No problem, just email our team at and we are happy to help!


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