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Organization Profile

Mathstronauts is an incorporated non-profit organization founded in 2012 in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. Our organization provides innovative and creative experiential learning opportunities for youth focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

We believe that in a world increasingly shaped by STEM, it is vital to equip our youth with the tools and skills necessary to succeed. STEM education not only provides our students with knowledge but with the ability to think critically, problem solve effectively and apply logical reasoning.

Our team develops exciting hands-on modules and uses state-of-the-art technologies and techniques to foster a love for STEM in our students. Through after school programs, competitions, workshops and social events, we help youth develop a true understanding of STEM disciplines via experiential learning approaches.

Our Mission

To provide meaningful, hands-on exposure to STEM to strengthen youths' career and life prospects.

Our Vision

Youth driven by a desire to problem solve, innovate and create.

Meet Our Founders

Richard Hamilton

STEM is a duality of integration and application: Integration of the four foundational subjects and the application of the topics and theory to the real world. Ultimately, it is the way we understand everything around us, and we at Mathstronauts believe that it’s important to build this understanding from a young age.

Sehrish Zehra
Executive Director

STEM is an approach to the world. It gives us the ability to question our surroundings, and create new ways to better it. In the future, these abilities will become crucial to almost every discipline, and at Mathstronauts, we prepare our students for that future.

Meet Our Team

Sehrish Zehra, MSc

Executive Director, Programs Manager

Richard Hamilton, BSc, BEng

President & Lead Facilitator

Molly McKay, BSc Candidate

McMaster Club President

Aron Markandaier, BEng Candidate

Marketing Lead

Brian Kibazohi, BEng Candidate

Program Ambassador

Vineet Dhammi, MCA

Web Developer

Board of Advisors

Gay Yuyitung

Gay Yuyitung, PhD, MBA (Chair)

Executive Director

McMaster Industry Liaison Office

Cesare DiDonato

Cesare DiDonato, MEd

Executive Director

Industry Education Council of Hamilton

Monika Yazdanian

Monika Yazdanian, LLB, PhD


The Forge

Jonathan Boulanger

Jonathan Boulanger, PhD

Business Development Manager

McMaster Industry Liaison Office & The Forge

Sehrish Zehra

Sehrish Zehra, MSc

Executive Director


Richard Hamilton

Richard Hamilton, B.Eng



Afterschool Programs

Our afterschool program called STEAM Engine is where STEM comes to life. Quoted by our students as being “more fun than science class”, STEAM Engine is carefully designed to help students develop critical thinking and logical reasoning skills. Modules developed by our creative and innovative team span all five S-T-E-A-M disciplines. We see our students on a weekly basis, and move through modules in a strategic fashion, building upon knowledge and concepts, and constructing creative hands-on learning opportunities throughout. Our students learn a wide range of material – from building electrical circuits using Arduino boards, to building models of the human heart – you name it. Our programs offer a perfect environment for discovery, creativity and innovation.

Our programs are offered at selected schools in the Hamilton and Halton areas. To register, please visit our Get Involved page.

STEM Hacks

STEM Hacks is a fun one-day annual hackathon where middle school students come together to solve a STEM-related challenge in teams. Each team attends creative hands-on workshops to build skills and knowledge relevant to the challenge and receive one-on-one mentorship by a McMaster University mentor throughout the competition. A panel of judges from local institutions and companies are invited to judge students’ solutions and the best solutions are awarded cash prizes at a closing ceremony attended by participants, their families/friends and community members.

Last year, STEM Hacks (January, 2016) hosted 100 middle school participants at McMaster University; 60 students embarked upon the science Egg Drop Challenge in which they implemented laws of physics and science to create egg carriers that would protect the egg from cracking when dropped from 16 feet. The remaining 40 students took on the engineering challenge of building a home security system against flood, fire and break-in. Out of 25 competing teams, a panel of judges selected one team from each challenge, winning them cash prizes. STEM Hacks brings together middle school students from all over Southern Ontario to McMaster University to share and be immersed in a common spirit of innovation and discovery!

Interested in being at the next STEM Hacks competition? Visit our Get Involved page to register.


Mathstronauts workshops are offered at various locations in the Hamilton-Halton areas and are focused on building digital literacy skills. From coding using the Arduino (C++ language) to 3D Printing to Web Development, our team provides students with unique opportunities to gain both knowledge and skills. For example, our 3D printing workshops are done in partnership with the McMaster EcoCAR3 Team and are strategically designed to teach youth how to do 3D printing. Students learn how to do Computer Aided Design (CAD), create their very own CAD model, and apply the entire 3D printing process. Students’ work will then be printed before their eyes!

Workshops are offered to middle school and high school student and vary in difficulty. To learn more and register for specific upcoming workshops, please visit our Get Involved page.

Social Events

We believe that STEM education is the road to a brighter, more prepared future, but we also believe in down time. At Mathstronauts, we create an environment of inclusion, fun, and community. Our social events are open to all interested youth and community members, including youth’s families and friends. Social events such as our Annual Trivia Night bring together youth, their parents, friends and community members for a night of fun at a local coffee house. Students put on their thinking caps and dig deep into their memories of anything ranging from space and astronomy to cartoons and comics. Can you remember who invented the light bulb? What about the first successful mission to the moon? And what is the name of that popular cartoon character who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Trivia Night just represents our efforts in finding creative ways to bring together the many stakeholders in STEM education and giving them a stage to engage in conversation and fun.

To RSVP for an upcoming Social Event, please visit our Get Involved page!


Interested in what we do and would like to get similar programs started at your schools? Get in touch with us! We are happy to work with educators to expand our programs within your schools and communities. All educators interested in the Afterschool Program are encouraged to fill out our New School Application Form (below) and all other inquiries, ideas, and questions can be emailed to us!

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